How Food is Made

What if you knew how the hot dog you are eating was really made?

Learn how your favourite processed foods are made, from raw to finished, with fascinating food infographics for all ages.

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"How Food is Made...should be compulsory in every home. And school. And public library."
John Lethlean
Food critic and columnist for Weekend Australian Magazine and Gourmet Traveller Magazine

How Food is Made

An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced

Written and Illustrated by Ayla Marika

food comic book How Food is Made

What if you knew how the hot dog you are eating was really made?

We buy and eat convenience food every day, yet how these foods are made is a mystery to almost everyone.

For most, mass food production is an unspoken fact of life, a secret locked behind factory doors. But not anymore.

In this fascinating graphic book, you will learn how 60 common household foods are processed from raw ingredient to finished product, using clear language, drawings and detailed infographics.

"A wondrous journey of discovery start to finish...It's engaging and interesting...very, very entertaining."
Katherine Feeney
Radio Presenter, ABC Radio Brisbane

Learn how your favorite foods are processed, with food infographics and drawings

How Food is Made will help you....

60 Food Infographics

Detailed food infographics and food flow charts help you see every step of the journey that your favorite processed food travels, from raw to finished product.

Understand Ingredients Lists

You'll (finally!) understand the role of food preservatives and additives in foods, and know how to read food labels and ingredients lists confidently.

Easy Food Science

Complex food science ideas are broken down and explained in clear English, with drawings, to help you make sense of the food manufacturing process.

"Forget about what the ads tell you about a processed food - this factual information will absolutely empower you to seriously reconsider what you eat."
Amanda McInerney
Food Personality & Writer, Lamb's Ears & Honey

Ayla Marika

Author & Illustrator - How Food is Made

Ayla Marika is an Australian visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) from Curtin University of Technology and an Advanced Diploma of Public Relations from Canberra Institute of Technology. For the past fifteen years, she has worked in administration, marketing and advertising for the Australian education sector. 

Previews & Articles from How Food is Made

These articles are excerpts from the book How Food is Made, written by Ayla Marika. Free to read and enjoy online.
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