How Food is Made

How Food is Made

An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced

food comic book How Food is Made

If you have ever thought, as you bite into a hot dog, “what am I really eating?” then this is for you.

We buy and eat convenience food every day, yet how these foods are created is a mystery to almost everyone. For most, mass food production is an unspoken fact of life, a secret locked behind factory doors. Not anymore. In this easy-reading graphic book, we show you how industrial food production really works.

In How Food is Made you will discover how the most common processed foods in your home are made, with fun food infographics and straight-forward text. How Food is Made unravels 60 common factory foods, using plain language and illustrations to answer the big question of how is food made on an industrial scale, step-by-step, in an entertaining comic book format.

How Food is Made will help you:

  • quickly and easily see the food manufacturing process
  • identify unhealthy food for kids and make better food choices
  • understand the role of food preservatives and additives in food
  • learn how to read food labels and ingredients lists more confidently
  • understand how processing food works and what is food processing
  • find out how food is made, from raw ingredient to finished product.

Each of the 60 foods featured in How Food is Made is presented with its own food infographic / food flow chart showing how it’s made from start to end, a brief description of the food and its history, plus a list of ingredients and processing aids used in the food manufacturing process.

An invaluable resource for teachers, parents, teens… and anyone that has ever wondered ‘how is food made?’

world first book lifts the lid on mysteries of processed foods


Title: How Food is Made: An illustrated guide to how everyday food is produced
Author: Written and illustrated by Ayla Marika
Publisher: Forssa Light Publishing
Publication Date: 1 December 2020
Format: Paperback, eBook
ISBN (Paperback): 978-0-9946201-0-1
Pages: 144

How Food is Made: Book Contents

Chapters cover meat processing, plant proteins (inc. vegan foods), confectionery, beverages, grains, dairy and oils, and condiments. Follow the links on selected food topics below, to view free samples/previews from the book.

Grains & Starches

  • How Flour is Made
  • How Rice is Made
  • How Pasta is Made
  • How Fries are Made
  • How Potato Chips are Made
  • How Bread is Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Breakfast Cereal is Made



  • How Salt is Made
  • How Vinegar is Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Soy Sauce is Made
  • How Fish Sauce is Made
  • How Ketchup is Made
  • How Mustard is Made
  • How Mayonnaise is Made
  • How Yeast Extract Spread is Made
  • How Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is Made
  • How Jam & Jelly is Made – Read article (free preview)

Dairy & Oils

Meat Products

  • How Bacon is Made
  • How Salami is Made
  • How Beef Jerky is Made
  • How Hot Dogs are Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Chicken Nuggets are Made
  • How Fish Fingers are Made
  • How Seafood Sticks are Made
  • How Canned Tuna is Made
  • How Caviar is Made
  • How Foie Gras is Made
  • How Eggs are Made

Plant Proteins

  • How Tofu is Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Tempeh is Made
  • How Textured Vegetable Protein is Made
  • How Vegan Cheese is Made
  • How Peanut Butter is Made


  • How Chocolate is Made
  • How Liquorice is Made
  • How Marshmallow is Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Gummy Bears are Made
  • How Chewing Gum is Made
  • How Soft Serve Ice Cream is Made
  • How Fudge is Made
  • How Nougat is Made


  • How Wine is Made
  • How Beer is Made
  • How Whiskey is Made
  • How Coffee is Made
  • How Tea is Made – Read article (free preview)
  • How Soft Drink is Made
  • How Orange Juice is Made
  • How Baby Formula is Made
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